Monday, 7 November 2011


I really enjoy taking walks with my dogs, especially in autumn weather, so I decided to do just that the other day.

I found these shoes in Zara's children's department the other. They were quite a steal - made from the softest genuine leather with playful blue suede in between the zippers. Even after they got quite wet (as shown above) they are still really nice to look at, without any stains! 

My investment of a lifetime - a burberry trenchcoat. It has gotten me through just about six winters (actually 12, since we have two winters in Denmark - a white one and a green one!) now and the only thing wrong with it, was when I accidentally stepped on a button, thus breaking it (drunken mishaps - it can happen to anyone!). I have found that as I'm am getting older, I have really become an advocate of investing in expensive but versatile and withstanding pieces of clothing. An example would be this jacket.

Have a wonderful Monday!

- C.