Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bon Anniversaire

The placement cards, a variation of the standard origami crane.
I attended my father's birthday the other night. It was his 50th, so he decided it was about time to "bring out the big guns" and have a feast. We hired a chef and enjoyed a fantastic 11-course meal. I will try to remember all of the courses as well as I can, but there may be mistakes (sorry).
I would also like to apologize in advance for the somewhat horrible quality of these photos (with the exception of the caviar pictures), but I still wanted to share some good food (and wine) with you! I also didn't take photos of the first three (and all of the champagne as well!)  courses, which is a real shame - we had oysters that were to die for!

The very first dish we had, was the very last one I took pictures of - these pictures are from the morning after. It's russian caviar.
If you do not like caviar, you are missing a really enjoyable part of life! 
This caviar tin was served individually, so that guests would think they were getting a tin full of caviar. A pleasant surprise is waiting underneath the layer of caviar, though. 
The caviar was resting on a creme of sunroot (Jerusalem artichoke) with lobster. It was rich, creamy and simply divine!
With our bread, we were served whipped butter. Both the bread and the butter came in all through the night, which is always a plus in my book.
Foie gras and duck terrine served with caramelized shallots, red onion and ramsons.
Lemon vodka "shot" sorbet, to clear the palette after the richness of the foie gras - notice the lemon zest. Always a good sign, when you can see the actual ingredients.
Duck rilette served with clover salad, apple-vinaigrette and champagne jelly (truly the best duck rilette I have ever had! I could have eaten dozens upon dozens of this).
Eiswein served with the duck rillette (I think). One of (if not THE) the only "sweet" and white wines I like!
Quail served with a varition of beetroots (pureƩ, chickpea and creme slices and the cube was slightly acid-tasting, in a good way).
And with the quail, the red wine came! Ah, I do love a good glass of red wine!
Lamb served on a bed of citrus "perlebyg" with dried olives.

Roe deer back served with mushrooms and parsnip. 

The dessert! A raw licorice panacotta and passionfruit sorbet on freeze-dried white chocolate. Also on the plate was freeze-dried raspberry and burnt white chocolate (which sounds strange, but is very tasty).

That was most of the menu! In between the caviar and the foie gras we had three types of oysters: natural, Danish oysters (too salty for my taste) and two french, one with a tomato-chili vinaigrette served with fried onions and one with fennel, cucumber, oyster peppercress and other herbs. We also had a delicious zander (and another course, which I have forgot).

Have a very nice day and thank you for reading!

- C.

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