Sunday, 20 November 2011

Styling tips from a 6-year old.

I'm not shy to admit that I do like dressing up and being well, an adult female. I do enjoy putting on a little something special underneath my clothes and feel a bit sexy. I will also admit, though, that when I saw the Zara Kids Lookbook for November, I just didn't feel like being an adult anymore. I mean, look at this kid! Could she be more awesome?

When I first saw the Zara Women's lookbook for November, all I could think of was "meh". What happened to having clean lines, fun colours and just plain pretty clothes? To laid-back but not sloppy? 
What I saw in the women's lookbook were pretty much two things: weird clothes that are "over indulgent" (colours, fabric, patterns etc.) and then there were the more feminine cuts in black and white. I do enjoy some black/white-outfits, but what happened to looking put-together and not looking like a total b****? 
As most highstreet clothing would have it, you can either look like a semi-punk (sorry, but it's true with all those patterns clashing and such- I speak from experience!) or look like a no-bullocks-will-be-tolerated controlfreak. Or you can pick out every basic item in the store and look a bit boring.

I do not condole this. I say that the highstreet labels should take a few tips from themselves and make some clothing like this available. Clean lines with a few fun details or basic items made from acceptable fabrics (I'm sick and tired of nylon and stretch-material in every inexpensive T-shirt I find). I mean, I would like to take a few styling tips from this 6-year or so old. Who wouldn't appreciate having clothes like this? A bit neutral, but still interesting and, from the look of it, made from nice fabrics.

I miss pieces of clothing being this playful! Not necessarily meaning that fashion isn't playful, but it's a bit "out-there" for the likes of me. I would rather have a wardrobe that would be versatile, fun but serious and above all classy. That doesn't mean, that serious should be drab (as it often is nowadays).
Just because I would like to wear "baby" clothes, it doesn't mean that I'm too weird. Right?
Have a wonderful sunday!

- C.

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