Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Few Things

These are just some of my things, but they are also those of my things I use, or look at, the most. So of course, this would make them my favorite things. I do have other favorite things, that I don't use that often, like the ring my mother gave to me when I was 18, which I don't use fairly often and such. But these things are almost always around me.

My Herm├Ęs bracelet. I have been wearing this ever since I got it. It was actually this bracelet that made me start wearing gold, seeing as I always thought of myself as a "silver girl". I'm still getting used to wearing gold, but now I've stopped wearing silver. Maybe someday, I will get comfortable with mixing my precious metals. Alas, I have not yet.

I've decorated my wall with photos, and I have an ever-expanding collection to add to my wall, on my floor. I just haven't gotten around to actually adding the aforementioned on the wall.

Rouge noir, my favorite nailpolish. A damn shame it chips very easily if you don't use a topcoat.

One of my very favorite things - the iPad. I love reading on it, playing angry birds (classic) or army of darkness, check my email, read blogs etc. This is really my go-to thing. It's very practical, even if it is a bit unnecessary.

- C.