Monday, 3 September 2012


Last time (as well as the first) I visited London, I bought these amazing little truffle boxes. I rarely get to taste such small luxuries, so I was a bit skeptical at first. Not only is the price tag a bit steep, but I've never really loved chocolate and I never really fancied myself a chocolate girl. I'm much more of crème brulée, pana cotta or lemon-y girl (I have a serious addiction to lemons - I can't get enough of it!).
In spite of this, and because of the pretty packaging, I gave these a shot.

And boy, I did not regret it! Look at these - powdered with cocoa and filled with a dark chocolate center. Yum!

These were the milk chocolate ones, powered with white sugar. Heavenly small bites!

With these pink ones, the flavors were a bit hard to pinpoint, but I suspect it was white- and milk chocolate. All of the truffles had some champagne in them, which wasn't really that apparent, but it gave them a bit of a "boozy" flavor, something I like. I think I know it all comes down to preferences.
All the same, I enjoyed these and I would highly recommend stopping by the little chocolate shop, if you're ever in London!

Charbonnel et Walker
The Royal Arcade
28 Bond Street

They have an assortment of different chocolates that a filled with all sorts of things. If anything, it's really just nice to go in there and look at all the prettiness.
Thank you for reading!

- C.

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