Sunday, 16 September 2012

Thank you!

just wanted to thank you if you're reading my blogposts and send you lots of love, since I know I've been quite inconsistent. I could blame it on the lack of time I currently have, since all my time is divided between studying and living, but that's not really fair. I do have time on the computer as well, it's just that nothing significantly noteworthy has happened. Besides starting university again and actually finding it abnormally hard to just keep along (Chinese). So I'm just focusing really hard and blogging is something I want to do, but I just never feel like I have that much to say. If you just want to see something, try checking my tumblr or my polyvore. I've been updating them quite a lot.
As always, I will try to find something interesting to say and, hopefully, it will be interesting to read as well.

Thank you again for reading, I hope you had a fantastic weekend!
- C.

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  1. Du har en god blog, synes jeg :-)

    Jeg har lige nu min 2. advents konkurrence kørende, hvor du har mulighed for at vinde et rejsesæt med nogle af de lækre hårprodukter fra Moroccanoil. Lyder det ikke fristende? :-)


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