Friday, 24 August 2012

Kartofler, Potatoes, Potatis


One of the absolute best things of summer: potatoes.
I am not talking about the regular, large and grainy potatoes - you know, the ones where you overcook them and they taste like mushy dirt. Oh no, I'm talking about the freshly dug, small monstrosities that have an ugly exterior but is a superior potato in every way that is possible.

I mean, look at these! When they're covered in dirt, they just look plain ugly. And possibly unedible - but, as it is with many things in life, we cannot let the exterior fool us.

Because underneath there may just be something as beautiful as this.

I am mesmerized every time! Truly!

I always thought that having one's own garden was a bit overrated, but it really is one of the most gratifying experiences ever. To be able to go out into my garden, filled with fresh herbs, potatoes (and recently tomatoes, too!) and salad galore, is just a blessing. It really is one of the best things in life. I would recommend it to everyone - even if you only have a limited space, I would suggest planting some herbs. Anything! Being surrounded by greens, that grow and breathe and live quietly is like a daydream. I almost feel like I'm living in a dream-esque picture taken with a Holga. 

"Nature, I would be thy child,Sit and worship at thy feet;Read the truth upon thy face,Wait upon thine accent sweet:I would put my hand in thine,Bow my head upon thy knee,Live upon thy love alone,Fearless, trusting all to thee"
- "To Nature" by Mary Morgan (Gowan Lea)

It's the simplest things in life, that really gives one joy. I will try to remember this.
Thank you for reading, I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!
- C.

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