Tuesday, 10 January 2012

They see me strolling, they're hating.

I haven't been able to find my camera lately, so unfortunately I have not been able to upload pictures of my recent purchases. I suspected to go on a shopping spree when I was in New York, but instead I kept it simple and bought items that will (hopefully) be in my wardrobe for many years. Except, of course, the nailpolish spree I went on. This doesn't count - does it?
Now, since I cannot upload high quality pictures, I had to show you something I've been putting off getting for years (and I do mean years - I think I've planned to buy these babies for 6 years!), ever since my old pair got destroyed - and I do mean destroyed.  My dog literally ATE my old pair, a present from my parents for my confirmation (it's a huge deal in Denmark), just on a whim. He always behaved, that dog, and then one day he probably just thought "I think I'll just go eat the most expensive, worn and most appreciated pair of shoes in the house... What will I choose? Oh yeah, the Chanel shoes!". Needless to say dogs do not think that way I wasn't particularly happy.
So, from me to you, a couple of pictures with me strolling (and sitting) around in my new shoes, being all dandy and such!
Also, imagine that these photos were taken to this song - because, well, they were!

I've also purchased a touche ├ęclat and a new blush from MAC (a sheer-tone blush? I cannot admit, that I know what any kind of make-up is anymore. It's like shopping at the supermarket now-a-days, utterly disorientating with all those choices!) - it's about time, I've been living off of about 1mm of blush and one of the cheapest concealers, which of course doesn't work at all. So all in all, I'm very happy and a bit worn out from studying.

Thank you once again for reading and I wish you the best mid-week!

- C.

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